When blogging poisoned my brain

When blogging poisoned

I recently wrote, exactly trying to write. The existence of such writing, just writing that string of words from my brain and my heart tried scratched in a sheet in a blog post. Together 9 friends in the virtual world either, which only met in cyberspace and occasionally met with immediate, making passionate writing more upset .. And no less important is the prod of a beautiful teacher who tried to accommodate ten of us, makes us keep on writing, no matter the conditions we are currently busy, or other conditions ..

Mira Sahid.. anxiety and super cool .. into an impromptu teacher, she started to poison my brain with everything about writing, even if only implied, however, were able to make it explicit that the synchronous move my fingers, dancing, making it word by word .. sometimes, I will not realize how many words are created. Thank you soooo much, Mira Sahid ..

This positive poison help decipher all sorts of feelings there, who had only just buried. Never think to be great, there is only how to let useful for society. Finally, motivation is what ultimately born why should writing.

And, it turns out I’m starting to love this activity and hope I can still write. Whenever and wherever. I also want to join and participate to spread the benefits of grace. May Allah give blessings in my new activity, so, what is my wish come true. Aamiin..



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